James posing with Feder James ringen

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James Reilly: WHFA Kenosha-Racine

James Reilly began his study of martial arts at a young age. His first focus was on western boxing, later moving on to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. At 20 years of age he joined the Armed Forces where he achieved the rating of Navy Chief inside of 5 years. He began his study of historical swordsmanship in 2009, after stumbling across the highly acclaimed documentary Reclaiming The Blade. He joined the HEMA Alliance as an individual member in 2011.

James draws heavily on the Lichtenauer tradition of German longsword with a focus on Joachim Meyer, but incorporates plays from Italian fencing masters Fiore and Vadi into his training regimen. He also enjoys studying the implications of Italian and Spanish rapier treatises in the context of German Swordsmanship.

Aside from Historical Fencing, James is also an accomplished marksman on multiple firearms, and a traditional archer. He serves as a range officer at the Conservation Club of Kenosha County (Bristol Ranges) Archery Range.

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