Jeremiah doing a WHFA demo in Alma (Castle Rock Museum)

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Jeremiah Backhaus: WHFA Milwaukee, Provost

Jeremiah is a student of the sword with nearly a decade of Martial practice under his belt. A close and long time friend of Aaron Pynenberg, the Principal Instructor for the WHFA, Jeremiah has had access to extremely high levels of training and sparring in his career so far. Personal travels to Scandinavia and Europe have served to further his knowledge and hunger for the art.

A serious student, and an adept fighter, Jeremiah has been featured in a few projects on screen, just one of them was as a fighter in the documentary “Makers and Masters,” found on the blu-ray release of the original Conan the Barbarian with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jeremiah is also a blacksmith, using traditional techniques of fire, hammer and anvil he recreates the past for modern use everyday. Jeremiah currently lives in the greater Milwaukee area.

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