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Aaron Pynenberg: WHFA Principal Instructor

Aaron Pynenberg is an acclaimed Medieval Combat Specialist and founder of the Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association (WHFA), an organization devoted to the teaching and practice of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). As the WHFA’s lead instructor, he works closely with other members of the HEMA Alliance, enthusiastically travelling, teaching and promoting the practice of Western European Martial Arts across the United States and Europe.

His expertise in Medieval combat has led to appearances in a number of Hollywood projects including National Geographic’s Medieval Fight Book, the re-release of the movie First Knight, the documentary Reclaiming the Blade, and the documentary Makers and Masters, which was produced for the re-release of the original Conan the Barbarian.

Pynenberg served his country in the US Army/US Army National Guard as a Combat Medical Specialist from 1992-1998 with the famed “Red Arrow” 32nd Brigade. He previously served as the deputy director of ARMA, the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts, and was a main contributor to the reform of their study and training methodology. He assisted and led numerous seminars and programs for ARMA and left that organization in 2012 to found the WHFA.

Pynenberg is based in Appleton Wisconsin where he continues his service as a 19-year Police Master Sergeant.

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